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Dienstag, 11. Januar 2011



Former President William Jefferson Clinton was likely the greatest victim in the history of American politics of the perjury trap. And I don't mean the trap set by a Senate Committee to get at the truth that allegedly "forces" one to tell lies to protect key players in government corruption. I mean a trap left by a special prosecutor when knowledge of a fact is not shared with those being accused. It is a perversion of discovery that anyone can fall victim to but is most alluring when the trapped is a high ranking political figure. I. Lewis Libby will never spend a minute in jail for taking the fall for the crimes that were committed in the Office of the Vice President. Dick Cheney will never spend a minute in prison for the multiplicity of crimes that he has committed against the America people their rights and civil liberties. He may be Impeached, but he will never go to prison. But all of this is okay with me personally and is even okay with the government of the Hellac Empire. While Living human beings are impatient and have the irony taste for blood in their mouths when such glaringly obvious breaches of Constitutional ethics take place; we here in Hell have literally, all the time in the world.

One day, both Cheney and Libby will pass out of Life and through Death and will come like all others do from the clouds splashing into the Callugo Sea. They will be judged there by the Magistrate according to their acts while Living and their sentence will be meted out. Hell has no provisions against cruel and unusual punishment because those words do not apply to the means by which Justice deferred must be compensated for freedom while Living. This is the hedge that all men of ill acts fear in the quiet corners of their hearts and all of those broken on the wheel of greed and lies pray for. The revenge of Hell is Justice in the form of the torture of the truly wicked, the avaricious and the arrogant. More has been done in the United States in the last 25 years to make Hell a place where jurisprudence is a profitable enterprise than any other nation at any other time in human history. There are millions of Roman citizens that go about their daily lives as free men their crimes against their fellow men petty and their grasps for power piteous. But now we find the cross builders hard at work preparing for the day that all those within the Bush administration have passed and many of them face certain fates to hang bound with nails in their hands and feet until time forgets its own cycle and all the suns of the Universe have fallen black and cold. Is corporeal power for such a pointless sliver of time truly worth and Eternal Sentence of Agony hanging from a glowing cross? It seems dear friends that many of those in the White House today and those around Dick Cheney feel it is a fair trade having sold your supporting interest in this cause and placing many of you there beside them. There only advice to you now can possibly be "Stay the Course."

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