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Dienstag, 11. Januar 2011



I am actually in the office this morning mulling over some of the things you Yanks do not wish to think about as you plan for your mid week holiday. The plain simple truth is I am a demon and I enjoy thinking about subjects that humans choose to relegate to the far edges of their consciousness as it were. Death is a big one and among those many of the things that can cause their shuffling off of this gossamer mortal coil. You have even made up words for people who bring up serious matters rather than go with the flow or let the good times roll. As if good times would be round. You call these people buzzkills or party poopers, but in Hell they just call us demon journalists, demon solicitors, demon analysts or the like.

One topic that might come up in a few places where the beer is cold is the crippling incompetence and criminality of the Bush administration. They have an agenda it just has nothing to do with middle class people grilling bovine meats in their yards with their in laws and everything to do with the elites that employ murderous tactics to keep such sheeple in line. But tomorrow is supposed to be a good time so unless you want to run off your smarmy republican in laws, relatives, husband's friends, I would steer clear of the Bush administration altogether.

"Is it just me or has Bush aged ten years in the last six months? Must be all that surging and personally protecting the Amurrican people from the troika of evils of breast feeding, pigeons and of course, tourism. Then again it could be all the cocaine and Wild Turkey"--Fred Schwartz, guest on Hellac Public Radio program Boiling Oil with Consuelo Gresham.

The Iraqi Civil War, or as I like to call it now the War to Destroy the US Army by sending them to Iraq, another topic for discussion that will cause frowns on the faces of Americans with thin lips. I would just stick to gossip about the ethnic makeup of your cousin Cheryl Lynn's new boyfriend. With all those stars and stripes stuck in the ground and waving from porch flag mounts who really wants to consider the maimed and killed in a country that has no effect on American materialism anyway? I am sure the howled phrase, "My beer is cold so we're winnin' the war on terror!" will rise up like steam from a boiling cauldron of Frogmore Stew more than once in the American South.

There are times I think it would have been a better punishment for the South to have kept the Union soldiers there through 1915 or so and ground the spirit of plantation owners down to dust. That might have broken the neck and back of Jim Crow and changed the landscape of America's racial and social history ever so slightly. What a simple lot these people can be especially when their radical ideas are challenged by commonsense reasoning. Have more babies, keep US in power, through your numbers or a greater Holocaust comes that is too horrifying to contemplate,"; this is the true terrorism as perpetrated by the white elite on Terra.

Then there is always terrorism, but that could drag you back to Bush. I am truly at a loss maybe you could just cook your hot dogs and boil your callenectes sapidii and have a good time because in the future such happy times may be because of Bush and his poorly thought out coup against the Constitution such times may be a matter for history books before too long.

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