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Dienstag, 11. Januar 2011



We have been tagged once again by Katie Schwartz, Hell's favorite engorged beige labia, as Valeri Dubov puts it, to tell the Living 8 things they do not know about ourselves. You can find the rules by clicking this link.

1) I have an excellent singing voice according to the people who hear me singing in my office. Now the opinions of a human being that works for me does not carry much weight but when I see someone weeping because I was singing their favorite song and they say my voice is, "So pretty," well that is enough to make this blue headed demon journalist shut up and agree.

2) I enjoy a good game of chess. I am not that good but the challenge of the movements fascinates me. The fact that my long time friend Albert Einstein and I can sit over a board for five hours say nothing and yet communicate volumes and then have tea is breathtaking.

3) I love Brussels sprouts and snack on them like candy in my office. Nothing can set a demon's digestive tract to rights like some raw sprouts.

4) I have very acute vision even for a demon. My parents marveled at having me read a sign from a mile or so away when I was a little whelp which explains why I was reading at a level well beyond that of first year demons at my fundamentals school.

5) I have clumsy days. Every Terran month or so I will just be unsafe around breakable objects or anything filled with liquid. The condition lasts for a few hours and then I am back to my deft self. I have a sign outside my office one of those kind of the Doctor is in or out kinds of things except mine says "Today is Clumsy Day." The other side is a picture of a mug of metjuizy.

6) I believe in formulating friendships with my workers. I have had junior staff, reporters, senior people like Tomlinson and Schwartz over to my home for dinner parties. We talk about issues not about the management of the paper and most that leave feel refreshed with an insight into how my wife and cambia live and what our values and ideas are.

7) I think cats are tasty. I know all you Living humans are gasping and maybe even DCup is prepared to disown me. But the Pussies for Peace are safe from both my claws and fangs for there is always plenty on the menu at Vulca. I might have a roast Persian for dinner tonight if Carol and I can find a sitter. Mom if you are reading this . . .

8) I was always attracted to human women especially those with wide hips as everyone who knows my wife will say is her most prominent ASSet. I am proud of the Lady as she has dropped 35 pounds since giving birth. How you ask, weights on a treadmill for the ten mile walk every morning, religiously, if you will and one hundred sit ups a day. My wife is now 6'1" 171 pounds and lucky for me she wishes to have more children, just not right this minute.

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