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Dienstag, 11. Januar 2011



In a stunning example of life imitating politics, while out on their boat "Fidelity III" Dubya's anchor got stuck. Now here's how important a man the president of the US is, when your boat anchor gets stuck you can sit there forever or cut it loose. When POTUS has such a problem you just call for the Secret Service to get divers out to wriggle it free. I wonder how much that little scenario cost American taxpayers? You know those middle class and poor ones who still pay their share.

I can't help but make the comparison to what the world would have been like if Joe P Kennedy had been president in say 1940 ousting Roosevelt and plunged us into an irrational peace with Nazi Germany and their allied Japanese friends. Would such isolation and the slaughter that would have risen from the Japanese march from Manchuria to to steps of the Taj Mahal to greet the awaiting Panzers giving the Axis lordship over half the world in a true sense have been greater than or equal to the blunders being made by Bush and his neocon ministers and corporate masters? What would have been a price great enough for Joe P to sell out the American people, their children and their freedoms in the name of "homeland security?" I think holding the office itself would have been enough for Joe P but for Bush and those who elevated him to the Oval Office making him the very first illegitimate pretender to the highest elected office in America their were far too many hungry mouths he had to fill with the flesh and blood of Iraqi women and children that these creatures of capitalism would digest into into gold coin. If I wanted to marry my girlfriend that is a behavior somehow destructive to America and its way of life but hocking the limbs of 10 000 young men and women and the lives of nearly 4 000 is ethical?

America has a choice, face it's deep issues of race and class, and resolve them, not just pay them lip service, or be cast into the ash heap of history leaving the shadow of an ostrich that was just having too good a time with its trinkets to care about the scythe bearing down on its neck."--Lord Just Mandier, "Notes in the Margin of History," pp.256-7.

"It's for her, of every hue, and on every continent, and the millions of hard working good people like her parents all over Terra, no matter their worship or wealth, who want a better Living Future for themselves and their Spawn, that I wield my pen as a sword and my keyboard as a truncheon."--Cavalor Epthith.

All this anchor pulling on speedboats brings me to another topic that has been on my mind of late. No not bukkake, I'll leave that to Schwartz, but the topic of the dissolution of the power of the middle class. It seems that every half decade or so another hard won right shared across line of color and geography is chipped away at and broken off by the ruling elite. First the ruling on discrimination suits, then the school segregation decision, now rules governing monopolies. Advertising agencies are targeting a more and more young audience of middle class children as they squeeze hardworking parents farther beyond their needs and deeper into the morass of debt that must be crossed carrying a load of wants. If the best and brightest among the middle class can fall to such a constant pounding of debt and desire than what ill educated human being can take up shield and spear and defend themselves. If you take away the threat that they will not spend and replace it with they must spend or they will feel their lives have no purpose then the entire mechanism of supply and demand has been turned on its head. The rules have been changed in the middle of the game and are now truly based on the willingness to go into deeper debt for the illusion of happiness rather than saving in the hope that happiness can be generated not from wants but from the great have of the health and togetherness of one's family.

The rush to make these changes also comes in the wake of the news that certainly shocked many of the people who fling the word "nigger" far more haphazardly with malicious intent than we do (generally we use the word only when it applies and to describe the action of an individual regardless of his or her pigmentation) that Barack Obama has raised nearly $ 32.5 million (h! ) in the last quarter for his presidential campaign. When you can rake in that sort of dough you do not need to be Mr Perfect sound bite every evening on Katie's sinking newscast. All you really need to do Mr Obama, is to show up and not be George W Bush.

One of the few things that seems to be sticking to Obama from right wing critics who may eventually have to slur the man racially to keep him out of the White House and by doing so destroy the last shred of credibility their dying party has, is his lack of experience because curiously the same lack that Lincoln had and Kennedy had did not stop them on their marches to the White House and subsequently into American iconic history. Lincoln, the gangly outsider, a man with little direction in his life at early adulthood became a focused and primed source of strength for the Union cause. Kennedy, his well helled polar opposite if there ever was one spent his last blood for America and a vision of it that has been raped, beaten and all but murdered by the Bush Administration. So in Barack Obama I can see a future that may begin as a hope that will become a plan and will culminate in a resurgence of ideals that the democratic party, and America, can use as a spring board away from the "war years of the early 21st Century" toward the teens and a rapprochement between America and Europe as the haves of Terra and the billions among emerging nations shucking off the imposed mire of have not status.