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Dienstag, 11. Januar 2011



A response to Mark Noonan of Blogs for Bush . . .

I find it very curious that right up until the middle of the Johnson administration the only nation on Terra that might have been more anti Semitic in its daily practices than Nazi Germany in 1936 was the United States of America. True that Truman was quick to recognize the fledgling and endangered new Israeli state in 1948 but that was certainly not out of the groundswell of support from common men and women in the streets on either side of the Potomac. The idea that Soviet Russia might have been the first to make that call and thereby giving communists a greater foothold in Israel did strike fear in the hearts of the Truman administration.

I think Ahmadinejad is a fool for denying the greatest human evil of the 21st century in a cockeyed effort to rouse sympathy for the Palestinian cause. The question I would ask the certain one term President of Iran would be if there was no Israel and the Palestinians occupied all that land how long would it take for the entire region to descend into the sort of conflict America has fomented upon Iraq? What we are seeing through these proxy wars is the same meddlesomeness the Soviets used to destroy Afghanistan as a going concern and now the Americans will do the same to Iraq.

Michael Moore is right about health care in a nation that creates so much wealth for its elite but truer still if that middle and working class were healthier and more active they would be able to rise and demand more money for their energies something that the elite and the ruling class are not willing to share with those economically not as well off. I understand that these massively wealthy companies both Big Insurance and Big Pharma spend millions of dollars on supporting politicians on both sides and this alone should be a clue that they serve no master but one of gold and are the puppet masters of what should be a great democracy.

For the hollow heads who think that the great documentarian Michael Moore is somehow in league with the Persian foe well because that is what the whackos on the right want to believe, read the words slowly. The Iranians invited Moore he did not ask to come and at this time I have no idea if he plans to go. I would hope Sean Penn would go to Iran early and often to show Americans that the world is not merely their oyster to eat or discard. Noonan I wonder how many of your readers realize that it is American doctrine to destroy the whole of Terra in a nuclear holocaust rather than have the US subjugated by an invading army even if that army only uses conventional weapons. You are so special you would rather kill the entire planet rather than serve a master. What does that tell you of slavery, Ser?

And by the way Noonan in a world where blowback has become a common occurrence vis a vis American foreign policy I would begin to step away from the megaphone of rhetoric regarding anything closely associated with the Iranian government. They have quite enough to settle as far as scores go with the United States having so much enjoyed embarrassing the US by holding hostages for 444 days and even manipulating a US presidential election.

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