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Dienstag, 11. Januar 2011



Hedge funds.

Just the mere mentioning of the phrase sends the human mind in a variety of directions. As much as Americans and other massively well heeled investors would like to think these organs of investment for the uber-wealthy have been around for nearly six Terran decades. Currently, hedge funds operate outside the rules that govern pension funds or mutual funds and even some of those have broken the rules to attract more clients and appear better of than they actually are. You know me to be a Soul's Advocate not an investment analyst so I am sure you are wondering why a matter like hedge funds could be weighing so heavily on my mind. The answer is simple; hedge funds have become the greatest engine of theft from the middle class in the last decade and will continue to be until they cause a major collapse in global financial markets.

"How are these hedge fund operators not terrorists of a kind? Who causes a greater threat to the middle class them and their wealthy brethren or Osama bin Laden?"--General of the Skies Nuulo Isdrix, Daily Press Briefing, 169 Low Lux Negro 1 AS.

I have noted in the past few weeks the mainstream media has been casting a wide net of doubt and concern to the hoi polloi regarding hedge funds. That is not the kind of danger that I am offering for if people who had say, less than $1 000 000 to invest could get in or those with $20 to invest were welcome at hedge funds then this article would need never to have been written. Hedge funds are dangerous because of the nature of the people who have access to them and to a venue for corrupt practice fiscally. The super rich playing in a field of lucre without any oversight is exactly why hedge funds will become the anchor around the neck of both the NYSE and the NASDAQ and will carry them both down to Davy Jones' Locker within the next five years as predicted by the Oracle at Acheron on 129 Low Lux Negro 1 AS. The damage that such a collapse a pullout of hundreds of billions of dollars from the very bricks that hold the trading mechanisms of the NYSE and the London Stock Exchange together for so long is mind boggling and even would dwarf the Oracle points out the conversion of petroleum contracts from dollars to euros.

So there has to be some regulation on these funds or the collapse from tinkering with the works is sure to come. Over time the rich always carve out a niche for themselves where they can reap the benefits of being rich and make those less cruel and cunning, greedy and arrogant pay their freight. I do not hate people because they amass great wealth that would be as fool hardy as hating the Creator for the sins that send you to Hell. But what I do hate is the manipulative bond that ties the wealthy together in the us against them paradigm that is certainly charting a course for a slow and very suffering filled destruction of the human race at the cost of a copper coin every second for every living human soul. But the rich don't care my friends they just want to be richer because they are "hedging" that I am not speaking to you from Hell right now and that their only punishment for living a life of excess at the expense of all others is to moulder in a grave or have the ashes of their body cast to the winds to rejoin the cycle of life in some other form.

O that such dreams could be reality and the needs of the dying poor would not crush the puffed out chests of the rich in Hell that I see now under the careful tending of Haxax Carnido, The Torturer General of Hell, every whimper from a suffering child in Iraq would bear the weight of a Spanish galleon over filled with gold dubloons on the soul of that rich man who was stuck in the ways of greed!

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